How Long Does It Take to Tile a Shower

How long does it take to finish tiling the bathroom? This is the question of many people who have not done it yet. You should know that to arrange your work well and at a reasonable time. The following article will help you answer this question.

Factors affecting bathroom tiling time

  • Bathroom floor area

You know, usually, a bathroom only needs a small space. But depending on the conditions and preferences of each homeowner, the bathroom can be broad or narrow. And, of course, the area of ​​the floor drastically affects the tiling time.

Bathroom floor area

  • The artistry of the bricklayer

The primary tiling method, every worker knows. But each worker will have his secret, an experience in the profession. A skilled artisan can do everything smoothly and predict the risks that may occur during the implementation. In contrast to the novice, the young experience often proves embarrassing in the working stages. They will probably make the paving time last longer, not to mention that mistakes lead to repair and start over during the active process.

  • The complexity of the job

Some bathrooms have unique designs, requiring the mechanic to cut the ceramic tiles into suitable shapes. Or on ceramic tiles with complex patterns, requiring the worker to match the bricks to form a complete picture meticulously. There are too many variables such as the tile’s size, the tile pattern, whether it is just a type of brick or has a border, design, or decorative accent in the bathroom? The more complicated the job, the longer the working time.

The complexity of the job


How does the tiling process work?

The tiling of the bathroom must follow the correct procedure. The first thing you need to do is visualize in your mind how to arrange those bricks. Next is reinforcing the walls and sub-floors if required. Prepare the surface and proceed to tile the wall and floor of the bathroom. It can take you about 24-48 hours to do the above. In places with a lot of humidity, like bathrooms, you need to be extra careful with tile tiles because water can peel off your tiles.

After the tile is finished, you should not use it immediately; you need to carefully protect the floor and walls. According to experience, if using tile glue, use it after 24 hours, while using cement mortar after 3 days. Next is rubbing, which is to plaster glue into the gap between the bricks. Waiting for the glue to dry again takes time.

Many types of rubbing glue have different ratios and have other drying times. An example of some kind of gum rubbing glue: Cement-based scrubbing glue has a drying time after 12-24 hours, careless scrubbing glue dries after 6-8 hours, save to scrubbing glue dries after 2-4 hours, and magic brushing glue Pro only takes 2:30 to dry. When you are sure that the gum is dry, the bathroom will be put to use.

How long does a tiled bathroom take?

No one can accurately answer the tiled bathroom time. Instead, we can estimate how long it takes. Based on the paving process, the time to complete the tiling is about 4 to 6 days. It takes 24-48 hours to attach the bricks to the wall and floor.

One to three days later, wait for the cement mortar to harden. And one last day to scrub and wait for the scrubbing glue to dry again. As stated above, this period is only an estimate. It fluctuates depending on many other factors like bathroom size, artistry, and complexity of the job.


In short, the time to tile the bathroom is not fixed. If the job goes well, you just need to spend 4 to 6 days to finish one bathroom. Hopefully, the above article has provided valuable information for readers.

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