How to Seal a Septic Tank Lid

Your septic tank gives off a very unpleasant odor that affects the fresh air of the house. You want those stinks to disappear and not appear again. However, you do not know how to seal those foreign tanks effectively. Today’s article will provide detailed information to handle the above problem and not ignore it.

Ways to seal a septic tank

How to seal a septic tank lid

There are always gaps between the lid and the septic tank wall. These slots are very small, and at a glance, you will most likely not see them. However, it is still enough for those odors to leak out and cause a commotion in your surroundings. Therefore, you need to find a way to seal them before the smell spreads further.

Here are three simple methods, easy to follow and recommended by a plumber:


With this method, you only need to prepare a dedicated septic tank sealant to do it. A septic tank suction company sells this sealant. So you can contact the above service providers to inquire. Alternatively, you can also ask your plumber or the ones who installed the tank for your family. Talking about your odors and current problems, they will analyze and give you the appropriate sealing material.

After you have prepared enough materials, take them to the septic tank. If your tank is buried underground, dig them up. Remember to be gentle to avoid breaking the lid. After digging, remove the soil from the top and pour the adhesive around the cover and the tank. This is quite simple and does not take too much time, but you should be meticulous and careful to make the adhesive more aesthetically pleasing.

After that, you wait for the filling position to dry entirely and re-fill as before. For families who have an above-ground tank, skip the digging step to find the hatch and start working on filling it.

This method is straightforward and very effective. However, you should only do this if you want to seal it permanently because when you open the lid, there is no other way than using a hammer.

Use a cushion

In addition to the above method, using a gasket is also a very effective method, and it will not affect your opening.

To do this, you need to prepare a soft cushion, be it fabric, rubber, or sponge. Choose soft materials and of good quality to make sure they don’t deteriorate too quickly over time set outdoors. Besides, those pads must be at least the size of the tank cap. Therefore, you should measure the size of the tank cap by yourself before preparing the material.

Once you’ve found the right mattress, go to the top of the tank. Since its weight is quite heavy, make sure to find a support person. You also remember to bring a mask during work to protect your body against foul odors in the septic tank.

Once the tank lid is opened, you begin to place the sheet of material over the tank’s top. Then, gently cover the cover again. Thanks to the weight of the lid and the soft gasket, the gaps are completely sealed. From there, odors are also effectively prevented.


You may be surprised to see this burying method because many families have buried their foreign bodies in the first place. However, it still smells terrible, so the question here is: Are you buried, right?

For effective burying, your tank must be at least 6 inches above the ground. This is a sufficient distance to prevent odors from escaping from the crevice and into the air. At the same time, it is not too big for the dirt to fall into the tank. Therefore, if you have buried the tank but not with this parameter, you must bury it. And you are struggling to find ways to cover the crevices; this is a very effective method.

Usually 3 to 5 years, you need to pump the tank. Therefore, during the burial process, you can easily place a glass or concrete lifting tube to quickly identify the tank’s location.

Each method has its advantages. Therefore, depending on your ability to choose the right way and ensure the safety of the tank. You absolutely can do this by yourself but will be more secure with the help of professional artisans. Therefore, if you do not believe in yourself, ask for the support of others.


We hope the above information is beneficial for you to seal your family septic tank. Not necessarily only the three methods above can fix that, so if you have a better way, please share with everyone.

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