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Korean 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Variety Sample Packets with Gift Box Set, Camping Essentials, Maxim Instant Coffee Mix Combination 20 Sticks


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Product info:

• Size 21 Piece Set

Product features

🎁 LENUE’s All of Maxim Coffee Mix Gift set : Total 20 Sticks Best Korean Coffee Mix Sample packets : (5) x Maxim Arabica100 Mix, (5) x Maxim Mocha gold Mild Mix, (5) x Maxim White gold Mix, (5) x Maxim Original Mix, Craft gift box. Product of Korea, Expiration: At least 6 months

☕️ Maxim Arabica100 Coffee Mix applied SDR (Steam desistration of Roast Coffee) method after dark-rosting using only 100 percent arabica beans. In particular, the powder is made with the best combination ratio, which has a deeper, richer taste and aroma than conventional coffee, as well as a clean aftertaste. Ingredients: Coffee(Arabica) 11.86%, Vegetable cream(Coconut oil), Fat-free Milk, Sugar

☕️ Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Mix is a product that you can feel the mild and sweet taste and aroma of high-end Mild coffee beans by roasting them with a mild roasting technique, which is the epitome of soft coffee that you can wake up in the morning and drink without any burden. Feel the true softness. Ingredients: Coffee 13.3%, Vegetable cream(Coconut oil), Milk, Sugar

☕️ Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix uses SPR (Specialized Profile Roasting) method, which selects beans that go well with milk and roasts them differently depending on the characteristics of each coffee bean, and adds fat-free milk to the original taste and aroma of coffee. Ingredients: Coffee 10.25%, Vegetable cream(Coconut oil), Fat-free Milk, Xylose Sugar(Low calories)

☕️ Maxim Original Coffee Mix is a stick-shaped coffee mix that combines the most ideal taste and aroma that coffee can have, with the best coffee taste that is neither dark nor light, to preserve the rich flavor of Maxim. In particular, it adds vegetable coffee cream with the best quality in the world to enrich the taste and aroma of coffee. Ingredients: Coffee 13.98%, Vegetable cream(Coconut oil), Milk, Sugar

🏅 A Must-have Item on every trips : Famous Korean Instant coffee mix that offers deep aroma and flavor; Prepared portions of coffee, sugar and creamer mix packed in one convenient stick; Don't bother with sugar or creamer - enjoy the perfect blend by pouring one stick into a mug and adding hot water

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