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Interstate Batteries CR2 Lithium 3V Battery (10 Pack) 3 Volt Lithium-ion 800mAh CR2 (PHO0210A) Digital Cameras, Calculators, Flashlights, Alarms, Toys

By Interstate Batteries

  110 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number PHO0210
• Model PHO0210

Product features

10 Count 3 volt CR2 Lithium Batteries with 800mAh capacity. Not rechargeable

Reliable in high & low temperature environments. Designed to last in high-tech, high-drain devices

Great for Digital Cameras, Calculators, Flashlights, Dog Collars, Alarms, Memory Backup, Toys, & more

Interstate Batteries CR2 3V lithium battery has a low self-discharge rate, having more energy than regular Alkaline batteries

Reliable power for the things that matter most

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