What types of door between house and garage

Currently, human life is improving day by day, and car repair is very standard. Therefore, each house needs a space for the most convenient and safe car. There should also be a door between the house and the garage.

However, the garage always has potential risks of fire and explosion, so the door between the house and the garage also needs to meet specific standards.

The type of door between house and garage must meet the requirements of Rule R 302.5.1. Why?

The garage adjacent to the house always has a potential risk of fire and explosion. So,  clause R302.5.1 came into being that stipulates the minimum requirements for the doors between the garage and the house. 

  • First, there must be a self-closing device. In the event of an explosion, this self-closing function prevents noise, prevents the fire’s spread, and prevents exhaust gas from entering your home. It also creates a closed space; the garage fire will fade out if there is insufficient air. 
  • Second, it is not allowed to leave the door from the garage open directly into the bedroom. This door can connect the garage with the living room, dining room, but not with the bedroom. Why? Because when you sleep, you cannot respond to an emergency in time. And then the exhaust gas from the fire will make you suffocate. 
  • Third, the types of doors to make the doors between the house and the garage must be capable of protection: with sufficient thickness and high fire resistance.

Types of doors between house and garage

  • Solid wood must have a minimum thickness of 1-inch.

Solid wood means a type of wood that comes directly from the tree called solid wood. Binder is used to holding wood fibers together to create engineering wood, but this is not monolithic because it is composed of wood fibers from the entire piece of wood.

Do not use adhesives or fillers. It is therefore not very likely to be wound up or easily broken. It is used in projects ranging from door-to-floor making. This is because it is much easier to repair monolithic wood than other manufactured timber or veneer. Monolithic doors are heavy, thick, and durable.

  • Solid steel with a stainless honeycomb core with a minimum thickness of 1-inch

This is the material where the inner core has a honeycomb shape (hence, it is named the honeycomb door). It is made of steel surrounded by parallel and equidistant from each other. The unique core filling helps to reduce noise significantly.

The honeycomb-style door is relatively light. Regardless of the weight, honeycomb is known for making the door sturdy and resistant to environmental changes. It also provides resistance to termites and other insects. Generally speaking, noise reduction, durable and with high heat resistance.

  • Fireproof door 20 minutes

Fireproof doors can keep a fire from spreading from room to room for some time, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or more, depending on the type. Here it takes 20 minutes.

That time is enough for us to respond to threatening situations promptly. Slow down the spread of the fire. The fire brigade will arrive in time if the fire has not destroyed all your property. And you have time to move away from the fire.

How to install a door between the house and the new garage?

The installation process is the same as installing a regular door, which includes the following steps.

Step 1: Gather and transport doors and accessories to the site

After surveying and measuring the dimensions at the previous building, the fireproof door will be manufactured. When the scheduled handover date with the customer earlier arrives, the door will be assembled with the accessories and transported to the site at the earliest convenience.

During the loading and transportation, the supplier must carefully pack the door. The carrier must be cautious in loading and unloading and porters to minimize scratches and damage to the door.

Because the door weighs more than 50kg / 1 door, the transportation should be crowded, and the transport area must be comprehensive, without obstacles to avoid impact and deformation of the door.

Step 2: Prepare tools

Tools needed to install the fireproof door set fully include:

  • Rubber hammer, iron hammer
  • Wrench, wrench, hexagon, pliers
  • Electric drill
  • Plastic hatch, iron hatch M10, screw 
  • Silicone glue
  • Wall cushion fit plate

If any tools are missing, installing fireproof steel doors will be very difficult and may even stop the installation.

Step 3: Check the product

This inspection is carried out by both the technician and the construction owner. The tasks to check are as follows:

  • Whole-piece products
  • Check the attached accessories (Lock handle, fire escape rod, bolt, door stamp, etc.)
  • Check painted surfaces (peeling, scratching)
  • If there is any defect from the product, the supplier must initiate prompt action or addition so that the installation can take place at the earliest.

Step 4: Check the site, installation areas

This step’s main job is to re-measure the waiting cell size, although the survey measurement was done before. But in this step, the measure is again so that the technician knows the dimensions and divides the scope to suit the door.

There are three points to note when measuring and distributing doors:

  • The gap between the waiting cell and the frame ranges from 0 ÷ 9 mm, then install it usually.
  • The gap between the waiting cell and the frame is greater than 10mm, and the frame should not be installed in the waiting box. Now I have to shoot more fit pads with a certain thickness. 
  • Smaller waiting frame: The wall must be chiseled, concrete to increase the waiting box’s size.

Step 5: Install the frame to the wall according to the waiting box

This is to ensure the frame and wall are correctly adjusted and fix the frame to check for any deviation.

Step 6: Proceed to fix the frame to the wall

After checking and fitting, fix the frame by screwing the bolts on edge, and install the hinge to fix the wings on the shelf. Also, several other operations need to be done to check the mounting of the frame’s attachments.

Step 7: Assemble the attached accessories

Proceed to complete the attached fireproof door accessories such as hydraulic retractors, emergency bar, magic eye, lock). In which the hydraulic shrink arm is the most important, and priority is installed first.

Step 8: Complete and install the door lock

After installing the lock on the wing, install the stainless steel pad on the frame. Align the height so that the lock mouth coincides with the hole on the stainless steel.

Proceed to double the door. If the blade has not been in the hole, then proceed to grind the cut R board on the stainless steel plate.

Step 9: Completing the door, cleaning up the scene

After the installation is complete, technicians and construction owners conduct one more inspection of the fireproof door. This check ensures the door is running at its quietest level, openings are cleared, and the door is intact.

After that, the technician proceeds to clean up the cleanest field and to accept the project.

Which direction should garage fire doors rotate?

The garage fire door can be opened in any direction you want. It does not matter as it does not affect the door’s fire resistance; which approaches you open will depend on your house’s overall design and individual preferences.


In short, the installation of doors between the house and the garage must be done according to the regulations. Otherwise, you will have some legal troubles. Not only that, but it also brings you many dangers – even the threat of life. Therefore, you should build a garage with standard doors.

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